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Hello Sir,
Good day. I write to introduce our network to you. We are motivated by the posting on your site Nordic Business Media AB, and though that you might be interested in collaborating with us.

To be more specific, My name is Ganye Driscole, Swedish, but currently working from London for this business news website Scandinavian Companies and Market magazine.

We report and analyse business news emanating from the Scandinavian market including politics and cultural issues. Our system is such that we bring in fresh news every day and we have correspondences in the various Scandinavian countries.

Although we are new, we have very strong growth especially in the London area (according to our traffic record) which is the life wire for business and international financial news. We will soon be working global media leaders such as the Guardian, Economist, Channel 4 UK and more. We will also be soon launching our print news magazine that will be circulating globally.

We though that you might be interested in working with us since you are seeking news writers, analysts and the like.

If you thinK your organisation can collaborate with us, then please just send us a link.
Thank you

We can offer you the following,
  • Lowest cost of publicity and advertisement exposed to more targeted international audiences
  • Get initial chance to choose a plot of our print magazine.

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