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Swedish government throws in Skr 8 billion to strengthen the jobs market as the bieget is presented today

Tuesday, 20 September 2011
Even before concerns about the global economy became a reason to expect the Swedish labour market to remain weary, the Swedish labour market remains something that had bogged down this government for long. The economy may have been performing well churning out huge economic growth, budget surpluses but the Swedish labour market had been something that remained to be desired of such an economy.
Swedish labour market, unlike that of the UK is properly organised and it is easy to see where there are loops or why certain sectors are not being integrated in the market. But there seem to have been lack of political will to do something about it. However, the government seem to be waking up about the issue today.

They claim that in order to safeguard jobs, it will proposes in the budget bill a social package of Skr8.1 billion for the period 2012-2014. This is to strengthen the Swedish Employment Service with Skr1.2 billion next year, including that the unemployed and the service should receive more frequent meetings to talk about opening, opportunities, trainings and integration of non Swedish – looking people into the jobs market.

Overall, it is expected that the number of temporary employment and training will consume 15,350 places next year and 8550 years in 2013, under the proposed state budget presented in the Swedish daily,  Dagens Nyheter.

The weaker international developments outlook affects Sweden and growth for next year are being written down, therefore, markedly, writes Prime Minister Reinfeldt, Minister for Finance Anders Borg and Minister for Employment, Hillevi Engstrom Sweden has and be ready to absorb punches from the outside world economy.

The Ministry of Finance estimates that the Swedish economy will be slowing sharply in 2012 and GDP is expected to grow by only 1.3 percent, according to radio Sweden. It is substantially less than previous forecast in last spring which then showed that growth will be 3.8 percent.

Also included in the budget which is currently being presented on Tuesday, to improve the economy of the worst-off pensioners housing supplement for pensioners will be increased with Skr170 a month. For a single parent with a guaranteed pension, that is expected to increase by 2.8 percent next year, giving it an overall revenue gain of Skr383 a month.

Most importantly, to reduce inequalities in a society a job policy of full employment is the driving direction of the government. Only if more people are into work will there be reduced long-term gaps in society.

Many of the proposals have been presented earlier, such as lowered restaurant tax, infrastructure projects and assistance to households with the lowest incomes in particular in the form of enhanced housing benefits.
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