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Swedish love with high taxes realised as 63 municipalities to increase taxes as from next year

Tuesday, 13 December 2011
63 of the 290 municipalities in Sweden will see their total tax rate rise, while in six municipalities, there will be a fall.

Overall, the average total tax rate will increase from 31.55 to 31.60 percent reports statistic Sweden.

The largest increase will be in municipalities of  Ydre and Arjeplog by 1.00 percentage points. Other municipalities with large increases are Karlskoga (0.95 percentage points) and Degerfors (0.84). The largest decrease will be in Alvesta (-0.30) and Trosa (-0.20).

The 63 municipalities for which the total tax rate will increase account for  about 15 percent of the total population. The corresponding share for the six municipalities where total tax rates decrease amounts for about 2 percent. For more than 80 percent of the population the total tax rate will be unchanged.

•    Hofors has the highest tax rate and Vellinge the lowest
Hofors has the highest tax rate in the country, 34.32, followed by Ragunda at 34.17. Vellinge (28.89) and Kävlinge (28.90) has the lowest tax rates in the country.

•    Eleven counties change county tax rates next year
10 counties raise tax rate for counties next year and one county lower the tax. The largest increase will be in Blekinge by 0.80 percent and Halland by 0.70 percent. The reduction will be in Västmanland with -0.12 percent.
In nine of the counties tax shifts are because the county assumes the responsibility for public transport. Counties with tax shifts are Uppsala (+0.49), Östergötland (+0.42), Jönköping (+0.33), Kalmar (+0,41), Halland (+0,20), Västra Götaland (+0,43), Örebro (+0,34), Gävleborg (+0,26) and Västmanland (-0.12, for public transport (+0.04) and for home nursing (-0.16). The municipalities in each county cut its tax rate equivalently.


•    The average tax rate increases marginally
The average total tax rate will increase from 31.55 to 31.60 percent. The tax rate for municipalities is 20.59 (a decrease of 0.14 percent) and the tax rate for counties is 11.01 (an increase of 0.19 percent).

•    Tax base increases by 2.2 percent 
The total tax base in the country has increased by 2.2 percent from the taxation year 2010 to 2011. (from taxation years 2009 to 2010, the increase was 1.3 percent).

•    The tax capacity will increase by 1.3 percent
The tax capacity (tax base per resident) is based on revenue in 2010 and will increase by 1.3 percent. The average tax capacity across the country will be SEK 176 054 next year. The county with highest tax capacity is Stockholm county with 17 percent above the national average. The lowest tax capacity is in Jämtland with 10 percent below the national average.

•    Danderyd has the highest tax capacity
The tax capacity in Danderyd is SEK 318 288 according to taxation for 2011, which is the highest in the country. Tax capacity has increased since the previous year when it amounted to SEK 308 729. Danderyd is 81 percent above the country mean.
News source: Statistic Sweden

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