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The Swedish Social Democrats party in trouble and will not win the next election except a change of leadership happens.

Sunday, 23 October 2011
Support for the Swedish Social Democrats was the last week historically low 25.5 percent. Three weeks ago, before the revelations about the party leader, Håkan Juholt's housing benefits claims and travel expenses scandals, the party enjoyed 35 percent of support. If thing continue this way then then Conservatives will continue to enjoy government in Sweden for the unforeseeable future

Håkan Juholt, elected news Social Democrat party leader just a short while ago has never gained full support from the party and the country. His style and attitude has been a drained to the party rather than a leader who could attract and work for the party to victory in big elections. All indications show that the Swedish people still love the Social Democrats but its leadership is not doing well for the party at this juncture.


The Juholt issue has made the support of the Social Democrats to plummet by nearly ten percentage points in three weeks, according to a recent survey carried out by polling organisation, Sifo. But Hakan Juholt himself believes he can regain the trust of his supporters and the Swedish voting public.

Speaking to the Swedish daily, Goteborg Posten, the Social Democrat leader said that for the past ten days his character has suffer form lies, rumours and genitive headlines with very harsh condemnations and reviews, “it is clear that it affects people's attitudes, "says Juholt to Göteborgs  Posten. He believes however that he can regain the trust of the voters, when the dust settles.

25.5 percent is the lowest of the Social Democrats since Sifo began its voter surveys 1967.
During the same time, the Conservatives increased from 28.2 to 34.8 percent, showing that people are drifting to the conservatives according to the result published in several Swedish newspapers.

"It's obviously not funny. It would have been much funnier if it had been the other way around. But we have gone through many difficult and messy week, that's what is reflected in these numbers, "said Social Democrat party secretary Carin Jämtin.

She adds about the chances of the party in the next election that "It is three years before the elections. We have lost 10 points in three weeks, which means that it can turn very quickly."
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