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Hello Sir / Madam,
My name is Driscole and I am writing to you from our News magazine here called Scandinavian Companies and Market. This website is the on-line version of the magazine.
My interest of writing to you is requesting your organisation to consider doing business with us. You could do this through advertisement, promotions, sales and anchoring with our large international targeted audience

We are a young authoritative independent business news media house focusing on reporting and analysing News about the Scandinavian Businesses, Companies and Market.  We publish in English for our mostly larger targeted international audience and the few valuable people around us, who understand more English than the local languages. You can see our new website here scancomark.se
We have been identified as the fastest growing business website with its biggest audience coming from London the centre of business and finance in the world.

We believe that your company's partnership with us will benefit from exciting services which we think can be of wonderful resource to your company. For instance you can

  • Advertise your products at very low rates with impressive exposure worldwide with a brand that reflects efficiency.
  • Advertise your job vacancies with our job page. This will expose you to pool of skills in which Swedish recruiters can't reach.
  • You can publish specific articles about your organisation with us. Promote some of your new inventions or technology.
  • You can also sponsor a page or a news item or our stock market news.
  • You can publish a news video item to our targeted audiences.
We have more that 50000 visitors to our site every month and these are target audience all over the world. These are people who want to know more about Scandinavia and its products. This is where we are different from many others big media firms. We are focused their spread broadly but operate thinly.
Take a look at our website and we hope to hear from you.
Thank you very much. You can contact us here

We can offer you the following,
  • Lowest cost of publicity and advertisement exposed to more targeted international audiences
  • Get initial chance to choose a plot of our print magazine.

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This is a promotional email mail from Scandinavian Companies and Markets, now operating from London. We send regular emails to Swedish Companies in anticipation that they'll buy advertisement space (s) on our news network or could be interested in promoting their organisations and product through investing in us.

We collect your email from press releases to our news desk and your periodic reports.
We use email marketing because we feel that it speaks for itself better by showing exactly our products to you so that you can make an informed choice. We can sometimes follow up our mails with telephone calls. If you are not interested in our campaigns please reply and let us know via email.
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