Libyan war participation  has cost Denmark half a billion Danish Krona


Friday, 12 August 2011
The real price of Denmark's participation in the war against Libya can now be made up.
Danish defence minister, Gitte Lillelund Bech explains that the total cost of war participation at the end of July stood at Dkr447.5 million.

An amount which also covers the cost of the so-called native structure, i.e., the wage the permanent personnel still should have had and the flying hours pilots still had to be flown, even though they did not participate in the war in Libya.

If the expenses are subtracted from the forecast, then total costs will be down to Dkr250.9 million.


A number of additional expenses for salaries and operations which are not yet registered and therefore have not yet paid are still missing in the calculation.
According to the Danish policy spokesman, Frank Aaen, he believes that the amount should be the a reason behind that the war in Libya should stop

According to political commentators and pundits in Denmark, the big cost associated with the war is being observed as yet another argument for pulling the Danish flights home.

But unfortunately, the whole of Danish parliament, from Socialist People's Party (SF) to the Danish People’s Party have decided to continue the war unchanged regardless of the fact that the war just goes back and forth without reaching a solution.

“Continued war will mean even more destruction and death,” says Enhedslistens, a top defence official.

Gitte Lillelund stresses however that the additional costs of war participation, though being at Dkr250.9 million is only the money for ammunition such as bombs - Dkr185.9 million.

When the resolution was made for Danish participation in the Libyan adventure, it was talked of about Dkr8.5 million in additional expenses for the first month - and Dkr6.5 million for the following was being planned. It was because the cost of the ammunition was not recognized, according to the minister.

Recently, the parties behind the war in Libya, which are all parliamentary parties, have just continued to give the green light to the Danish fighter jets until the first October to unabashedly continue to drop bombs on Libya.
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