How to build a perfect country and a perfect society- Case study Denmark: All criminal deported


Tuesday, 21 June 2011
Building a crime -free Denmark or a country where criminals, especially foreign ones would not be welcome is a first step towards building a perfect country – Denmark.

All criminal aliens in Denmark should be deported, regardless of the sentence. This is another drive being pushed by the Danish people’s party fronted by the Integration Minister Soren Pind.

Various Danish and Swedish press report show that the minister has pushed forward a bill in the parliament to be debated on today, Tuesday and is expected to go through with a large majority on Friday as both the Social Democrats and the Socialist People's Party favour  the approach.


Experts warned that if the bill goes through and becomes law, Denmark could be reported for violation of international conventions.
Already, prosecutors in Denmark have demand that a criminal alien should be deported. As such with the new law, it would become easier to automatically deport an alien who commits a crime and is found guilty.

Exceptions are made only in cases where it is established that an expulsion "with certainty" is against the law.
S�ren Pind expects far more expulsions as a result of the legislative change.
Jonas Christoffersen, director of the Institute for Human Rights, in fact, that Denmark stands to lose the deportation right if they reach the European Court of Human Rights accoersing to press reports.
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