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The Social Democrats grapple with growing weakness in its support, continue to interrogate its leader

Friday, 20 January 2012
The leadership issue in the Swedish biggest political party, the Social democrats continues even though the current one, Håkan Juholt has been grilled in a more relaxed way that would have been expected.

Yesterday, Juholt who has been have intense bad press since he took over the head of the party said that he still have support in the party. Even veterans and party big wits such as Leif Pagrotsky are still throwing support to a man that is leading the party backwards if number from various opinion polls where to be taken at heart.

But criticism of  Håkan Juholt has gone so far that a faction (I suppose a majority) of the party has gone as far as discussing how a successor could be appointed. Various candidates for that have been identified and mentioned including people like Pär Nuder, as a front runner, Party secretary Carin Jämtin, as well as Sven-Erik Österberg, Mikael Dam¬berg or Thomas Östros.


Yesterday there was held several hour long meeting with the Social Democrats' executive committee to discuss the crisis in the party. Criticism of party leader Håkan Juholt is so serious that the party discussed issues relating to replacing him.

According to various Swedish media reports, they want to try and do a selection such that it will eliminate the repeat of the chaotic process the nominating committee went through, a year ago. Instead it is expected that a new leader will be appointed by the Social Democratic Party’s big wigs - just as happened when Ingvar Carlsson took over after the assassination of Olof Palme, the 1986.
For Hakan Juholt, he has been avoiding questions about confidence issue bestowed in him from the party in relation to the meeting: "This is not such a meeting. We will discuss how to sharpen opposition politics," said Juholt.

Juholt continues to argue that he has strong support in the party. But Sven-Erik Österberg gives however a very different picture.
Will Hakan Juholt to be party leader after Friday’s Executive Committee meeting?
"That's what that will be discussed. You have to wait and see."
"We have to be able to turn on all the stones to think about what to do, "said Osterberg.

Juholt himself explained the huge media presence at the Executive Committee meeting that it is because the interest of the Social Democrats is large:
"I describe it not as a drive, but as a very great interest to the Social Democrats and me, "he says.

At this moment though, the Social Democratic Executive Committee (Executive Committee) is continuing to discuss the party's future. Today, the focus is on the trust in the leadership of Hakan Juholt.
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