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Remember Our Key characteristics

    * We reports and analyse news emanating from the Scandinavian regions in English

    * We come from Gothenburg, Sweden, the centre of the Scandinavia, though for logistic reasons, we broadcast from London. As such our editorial office is in London but our field work and research is carried out in Sweden, Finland Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

    * We also report on some European issues that we feel that public should know and some issues we feel passionate about

    * We provide a broad range of essential services, including news, comment, data and analysis, to the growing audience of internationally minded business people who have lost of interest in the Scandinavian region.

How would like to sponsor some of our operations? We will be happy to be partnered with some renounced organisations, presses, and other media houses.

Partnering with Scandinavian Companies and Market is a great idea for your personality, product and way of life. You are also associating your product, you and your organisation with a region that has muck positivity and more progressive looking in the world.

The brand name Scandinavian Companies and Market is fully associated with Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. These countries are leaders in all the aspects that make the world great. Though these countries are small individually, their contribution to economic development is enormous and their designs in productivity as well as quality of life are always classified on top of all global surveys.

Since its launch in August 2010, Scandinavian Companies and Market has attracted the attention of those at the intellectual heart of society, students, business people and Scandinavian enthusiasts. Our readers are the people that have most influence over the issues that are central to public life in politics, business, and academia, the arts, research and development and trade in the Scandinavia and globally.

In terms of competitiveness, Scandinavian countries are on top of their game. We are here to bring these aspects to you and our audience who are scattered internationally and who read English.  So if you sponsor any aspect on our website or our print magazine coming out soon, you are just being part of a winning team.

You will be with a Scandinavian Companies and Market which enables readers to engage and interact with the issues facing policy makers by publishing an array of special publications, reports and supplements.

What sets them apart is their shared sense of idealism: that through civic engagement in the world, life and society can be improved. Also knowledge becomes an available commodity which will set you free. That is why you will find Scandinavian Companies and Market readers in positions of leadership, influence and at the centre of their communities - locally, nationally and internationally.

Scandinavian Companies and Market

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