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Our Key characteristics

    * We reports and analyse news emanating from the Scandinavian regions in English

    * We come from Gothenburg, Sweden, the centre of the Scandinavia, though for logistic reasons, we broadcast from London. As such our editorial office is in London but our field work and research is carried out in Sweden, Finland Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

    * We also report on some European issues that we feel that public should know and some issues we feel passionate about

    * We provide a broad range of essential services, including news, comment, data and analysis, to the growing audience of internationally minded business people who have lost of interest in the Scandinavian region.

Write to us on any general enquiry

Submissions of articles to Scandinavian Companies and Market and / .com

Do you want to submit an article to us, this is what you need to know before doing that.
Almost without exception, the articles in / .com are commissioned from our regular writers. We very rarely publish unsolicited submissions and we may take up to three months to respond to them.

Before submitting an article, please read what makes up our magazine to make sure that your piece is suitable for Scandinavian Companies and Market, both the on-line and the print magazine (coming out soon).

Scandinavian Companies and Market (web: / is a daily web publication of political, economic, scientific, cultural and other regular news aspects which focuses on the Scandinavian countries. The break down of the amount of news published, based on population (the sites are populated with news and articles) stands at 60 per cent Swedish, 25 per cent Danish and Finnish and 10 per cent Norwegian and 5 percent Icelandic.

The amount of article published is based of our current resources and logistical forces. The aim is to have regular fresh news daily on our website. This is in most cases achieved but sometimes we have delays due to verification of news sources and translation. Since we have small connections in the various news sources, it takes us time to get our articles fast enough. But general reviews from our readers have given us the praise for providing regular news.

For the print magazine which will be coming out soon, it will be a weekly (every Friday) publication internationally. This is expected to have quality analytical articles of scholarly rigour aimed at the intelligent general reader. As a weekly  magazine, Scandinavian Companies and Market tends towards medium or long-term viewpoints and a deeper engagement with underlying issues.

Four types of articles are welcome:
Opinions are 750 to 1,200 words in length and express a well-argued and concise point about politics, economics, current events, culture, sciences, business, and related.
Features are 2000 to 4000 words in length and present a more developed point, usually from an authoritative or knowledgeable source, or from a viewpoint not conventionally expressed. These also include reportage, portraits of significant contemporary figures, and special reports on more technical issues.

To learn more about these and about the other types of article we publish, please refer to the magazine when it starts coming out.

We do not accept unsolicited conspiracy theories and fictional submissions and we do not publish far right opinions.

We do not accept postal submissions or receive pitches by telephone. We only receive submissions by email: send pitches or articles to this address ( coming soon )

Scandinavian Companies and Market

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