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Winds forces the closure of the Öresund Bridge

Thursday, 05 January 2012
Öresund Bridge was shut down shortly before 10 o'clock on Thursday of for all highway traffic because of very strong wind. Already, in the morning, there was a reduction in speed limit on the bridge.

According to a forecast by the Oresund Bridge, the stoppage may last till 12 noon today.

Swedish Met office, the SMHI says that low pressure over the southern Götaland is acting as a catchment thereby pulling in the strong wind especially along the southern coast. 


The mean wind in the Malmö and the south coast will see a speed of about 10-12 meters per second. In the villages there may be up to 20 meters per second.

The storm is moving eastward out over to the Baltic Sea, but the fresh winds will persist for a while, especially near the coast. But then it will subside during the late afternoon.

Already wind farms are bracing for more whistling as more the enough wind is blown in the pas month. In a year that more wind turbines have been built, it stand a good testing time for their endurance especially if the wind speeds being observed now will be the norm in the future. This is because some wind turbines may explode because of the intense force for spinning.

Also electricity prices this winter has been some of the lowest in record because the Green winter means limited demand pressure on heating.
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