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Whinge in Swedish politics – Christian Democrats accuses their coalition partner Moderates of plagiarism

Wednesday, 16 November 2011
The Christian Democrats are now accusing its government’s fellow Conservative party member, the Moderate party to have plagiarized their elderly care policy which the government has taken up in the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The policy material was presented by party secretary, Sofia Arkelsten as a policy of the Moderates which was even presented in the debate article on the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter on Monday.


The article is signed by Sofia Arkelsten and Mats Gerdau leading members of the Moderate party, working for a policy for the elderly. It describes clearly how the Moderates want to look at future challenges in geriatric care policy.

However, what is clear is that large parts of the text is  reported to have been plagiarized from the material produced by the Christian Democrats on Social Affairs.
Word for word, or hyphens for dashes are in long paragraphs copied outright.

Christian Democrat leader of the Parliamentary Social Affairs Committee is critical of the Moderate Party's actions.
“We Christian Democrats can do a basic job while other parties will just seize,” says Anders Andersson to Swedish television.

That the Conservatives are taking the credit for the work with the elderly care policy is particularly sensitive to the Christian Democrats because it s something great that they produced and it is now believed that it is workable. The party has lost much support since the election and a policy such as care for the elderly which is seen as good is a profile booster to the party.
But what the fuse is all about remain confusing? The Christian Democrats are member of the ruling coalition which means both each party can call on policies that will boost the coalition. Could this be that the ruling coalition are snow suffering from policy or idea fatigue or …?
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