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When the Swedish opposition leader is just a ‘dog that can bark but can’t bite’ as Reinfeldt outperforms Juholt

Wednesday, 28 September 2011
Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt has outperforms the Social Democrat party leader Hakan Juholt in a new poll. Even Green Party supporters, in the Red Green coalition feel the greatest confidence in the Prime Minister than their own.

This just shows that Sweden has no opposition party leader, just like the Socialist lefts in the UK. The Social Democrats in Sweden are supposed to be the biggest political party in the country – Sweden and its supporters just want to hear things that are better than what the prime minister is saying and also put it in a way that shows that her can handle a leading Nordic democracy and a modern industrial economy.

But the socialist leader can be very good at criticising but not coming up with better alternatives not driving it well.


The opinion poll conducted polling organisation SIFO, on behalf of PR agency Westander, and presented in the Swedish tabloid newspaper Express clearly show this variation. Up to  59 percent of the 1,000 respondents say they have the greatest confidence in Fredrik Reinfeldt, against 20 percent for Hakan Juholt, who suppose to be on the neck of the prime minister at this moment.

Of those who vote for the governing alliance coalition, nine out of ten have given their support to Reinfeldt, the survey shows, which is the greatest confidence he has ever had.  At the same time, only every other voter in the Red-Green bloc say that they feel the greatest confidence in Juholt.

Green Party supporters rely more on Reinfeldt side than Juholt, according to the survey. Here their percentage support was 61 for the Prime Minister against 14 for the opposition leader.

SIFO survey has been done regularly for five years and the gap between Fredrik Reinfeldt and Hakan Juholt has increased since the last poll, which was unveiled in early summer.

Expressen writes that Juholt has had a worse start than former leader Mona Sahlin in confidence measurements. In Sahlin's time as party leader the gap against Reinfeldt on average was some 26 percentage points, compared to 39 percentage points separating Juholt and Reinfeldt today.

Despite Sifo confidence barometer, there has evenly distributed support between the political blocs in recent polls. In several of the measurements the Social Democrats as a party has been very great in support and it retains its position as the largest party. So the biggest problem here has to do with leadership. Something Juholt will not be too worried about given that in the UK people also love to go back to Labour but leader question just push people away.
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