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Finnish True Finns Party’s Timo Soini to run for President

Sunday, 25 September 2011
Timo Soini, Chairman of the True Finns Party, the far right party that wants to see Finland only for Finns and a Finland that will not be part of the EU, has declared his readiness to stand as his party’s candidate in next year’s presidential election. This means that if he wins, he will be Finland’s next president. 

Given his party’s strong performance in the recent Finnish general election, chances are that he will win the next election. The question is whether Finland is ready to elect a far right leader to lead them and whether Finnish people want to around and being pointed at that they are leaders in racism and human discrimination in the world.   

Speaking on the Finnish broadcaster, YLE’s television discussion programme Saturday, Soini said he had given the matter careful consideration.
“Of course you have to think about it, because in recent years it has been a very closely contested election, like the EU parliamentary elections, or the local parliamentary elections,” he expanded.

Soini said he had deliberated on his decision from the perspectives of the party, the country and his closest relations.
“In terms of the country, I thought about whether I’m suitable and competent for the task. I believe that I can do it. From the party viewpoint, it should put forward a candidate who would highlight the party’s positions and options, whom its supporters could vote for, and who can explain what the True Finns Party is and what it’s not,” Soini added.

“It’s about motivation and responsibility, and I have both. The role of the President is important and I hold it in high esteem,” Soini declared.


National Coalition Party's prospective Presidential candidate, Sauli Niinistö says “Timo Soinis talking of making himself available as the True Finns presidential candidate does not come as a surprise. Niinistö says to Yle that Soinis statement does not change the configurations for the election.

Centre Party's presidential candidate Väyrynen estimated that Soinis participation in the presidential game will improve Väyrynen's own chances. He writes in his blog that it is good that the four largest parties now have their own strong candidates and that one might be led to a thorough discussion of Finland's policy when it comes to domestic, foreign and European policy. SDP prospective presidential candidate Paavo Lipponen would not comment on Soini’s declaration.

So far, only the Green League’s Pekka Haavisto has officially declared for the 2012 presidential election. Paavo Väyrynen of the Centre Party, Sauli Niinistö of the National Coalition Party, Paavo Lipponen of the Social Democratic Party and Eva Biaudet of the Swedish Peoples Party are all awaiting the blessing of their respective parties to officially enter the contest.

Timo Soini launched his candidacy in his blog last night. He noted that his first task will be to get the True Finns to vote for their candidate in the presidential election. Soni also said that it is his role as party chairman to defend the True Finns line in the presidential election. True Finns Party Council meets in mid-October to officially nominate the party's presidential candidate. So far, Soini no challengers.
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