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Trouble for new Danish government in waiting a scandal relating to a politician explodes

Saturday, 01 October 2011
The new Danish Social Democratic party leader, Helle Thorning-Schmidt who has bee forming a new government after winning the recent election has come under fire after appointing a minister with unsolicited character.

He had contacts with biker gangs, carried out phone tapping and a made very poor friends. This is the character of the politician, Henrik Sass Larsen, who did not pass security checks but want to become the next finance minister to be appointed by Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

It has really been hard for Helle Thorning-Schmidt to form a government, and the headache has been expanding as criticisms increased from various quarters.

As early as last Thursday, when it became clear that the intended finance minister, Henrik Sass Larsen drop down his proposal to become a member of her government, there were many who raised their eyebrows. The stated reason was that he once had coffee with a high member of the Bandidos criminal motorcycle gang, though it did not seem serious enough.

Afterall, several Danish politicians have had contact with biker gangs. Among others, the Conservative minister, Erik Ninn-Hansen worked as a defence attorney for several gang members, but not during his time as ministe


However, on Saturday there were new revelations suggesting instead that it is another of Sass relationships that are problematic.
The newspaper, Ekstra Bladet reports that,  sources within the Danish security service, PET, has told them that for several years,  telephone calls between Sass close childhood friend Tommy Kamp and Bandidos member Torben Ohlsen-Jensen have been intercepted and have revealed interesting information.

During the talks, there were discussions about his (Kamp) close friendship with Sass and promises that he can use his close relation with Sass to assist a Bandidos man, Torben Ohlsen in a custody battle.
Sass was at the time of the calls elected to parliament and chairman of Social Democrats in Køge.

Kamp is a controversial figure who is reported to have spent time with hard criminals, has been accused of corruption and who earlier this year was forced to leave his position of trust.

The political opponents especially, the Danish People's Party have picked up the hot issue - and requires the Social Democratic party leader and head of government Thorning-Schmidt explains what really happened.

So far, Thorning-Schmidt has only said that she does not think Sass scandal is such a big deal but has also decided not to go in detail on the circumstances.
“I want her to tell me that there are other important reasons why he can not become a minister than a cup of coffee with a motorcycle gang member said the Danish people’s party leader Soren Espersen.

Henrik Sass Larsen, Social Democrats, was elected to parliament in 2001, the year the Social Democrats lost the power of government. He later helped Helle Thorning-Schmidt for the leadership of the party in 2005. Sass has since been an important person in the party and was touted to be the next economy or finance.

According to Danish news paper, Politiken, Tommy Kamp rejects the sensational revelation in the paper Ekstra Bladet.
"The reports that have been around, what I should have talked to Torben Ohlsen (Bandidos rocker, ed.), is pure conjecture and it has nothing on it," said Tommy Kamp to Danish television channel, TV2 News.
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