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The social democrats see no need to increased taxes

Wednesday, 30 November 2011
Leif Pagrotsky, former Sweden’s Social Democrats economic minister and who is investigating Social Democrats' future tax policy, has concluded that there is no need for any major tax increases in the future if the party wins the next election.

"We can not turn people’s economy upside,” said Pagrotsky to Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter.
On Saturday Leif Pagrotsky notify the Social Democrats Trustees on their thoughts about the party’s future tax policy. It emerged that the Council can not expect any proposals for significant increases in areas where the alliance government has reduced taxes.

"Radical changes in people’s disposable income, radical changes in people’s living are not what I see in front of me, "says Leif Pagrotsky to the paper.


Leif Pagrotsky tax investigation will be completed next fall. Traditionally the Social democrats believe in higher taxes and generous welfare. But the current coalition has stripped most of the welfare built by the social democrats in the past down to bare bones and many services have been privatised.

But the Social Democrats could do something about the environment and alcohol and cigarettes.
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