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The resistance of Juholt gave way today as he resigned

Saturday, 21 January 2012
The crisis in the social democrat party reached tipping point today with the resignation of its leader.
On Saturday, the leader of one of Sweden’s strongest political parties, the Social Democrats, resigned as leader of the party after a shot spell on the job characterised by stormy fading fortunes of the party.

In an interview with a single news paper at a press conference he called, the newspaper, Östran / News, its online edition, Håkan Juholt said that he doubts if he can win the next elections and regain the public's broad support. For this reason and for the sake of the party he will step down immediately.

Asked when he decided to resign, Juholt responded that he had thought about this for quite a while now.   "I have of course thought of these lines long ago. But I decided the last few days, "said Juholt to the local newspaper Östran / news.

We were praising the party leader for being one of a few people we know to have the stamina to withstand the pressure being heaped upon him from all the sectors of the Swedish society. If the leader finally cracked, then it means that everything has its limit.


As seen now this is a unique situation in the Social Democrat party which the secretary general, Carin Jämtin liken to the situation after the assassination of Olof Palme.
At a press conference at the party’s headquarters in Stockholm today she said that the Party Executive Committee will prepare the next meeting of the party board where it will be decided on how the process should move forward with the appointment of a new party leader.

No one as yet knows who the new leader may be, but several names are already flying around including that of Carin Jämtin though she insisted today that “I am the party secretary.”

She also stressed several times that the situation is very unique. “The situation we are experiencing today has never happened in our party. A totally unique situation and there are no obvious aspects in our rule books about how to deal with it,” said Jämtin.

One question which was asked was how unexpected Hakan Juholt’s departure was.
According to several sources, there have been agreements between Juholt and the Executive Committee (Executive Committee) in that the Executive Committee would express its support for Juholt in exchange for his resignation. This is likely why he was not present at the press conference yesterday after the executive committee meeting. Also despite heavy criticism heaped on him before the meeting, suddenly after the meeting every body was supporting the leader. It looked strange.

Carin Jämtin argued however that his resignation was not expected when she was asked.
“We expressed confidence in him yesterday. It's his decision and it has matured in him.”
She was also the question whether the Executive Committee really had confidence in Juholt:
“Yes, I said yesterday and we had not said otherwise.”
“I respect his decision. Now we’ll proceed on the basis thereof,” add that that her party is in crisis.
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