The perpetrator creating carnage in Norway is Norwegian


Friday, 22 July 2011
The man police have arrested and suspected of being behind the shooting attack at a political summer at the Norwegian of Ut�ya, is a son of the soil, Norwegian.

This has been confirmed by the Norwegian Minister of Justice, Knut Storberget. Police has also linked the man with the bomb attack in central Oslo, as witnesses believe they saw the man on the spot.
The man was arrested after he had killed at least nine young people at a political summer camp on the island, Ut�ya, located approximately 10-15 kilometres from Oslo.

In total at least 16 are reported killed after the explosion and gun fire attack. Police dare not say whether the man acted alone or with others. The only utterance here now is that the situation remains highly unclear, according to Sponheim.


Witnesses who fled the island Ut�ya, told the Nowegian radio and television station NRK's reporter on the ground that the offender had Norwegian appearance - and that he is between 1.85 and 1.90 meters long or in height.

Eyewitnesses have told NRK that a man in police uniform came to the camp at the Norwegian Social Democratic Youth League two hours after the bombing in Oslo. The man has said he would conduct a routine examination, gathered young people around and then set up and hot them.

Norwegian Attorney General did not answer detailed questions about the man, such as whether he had been previously known by the police or if he is believed to have acted alone or not.

Several witnesses had also told that the man said that "this is only the beginning."
At least nine people lost their lives subsequent when he shot around unarmed people at random with an assault weapon. The shooting led to many young people to flee for cover, while several jumped into the water to swim to the mainland.

So far, more than 20 ambulances and four helicopters have been sent to the island.
There were around 560 young people gathered there for a summer political rally on the island.
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