The killer E- coli EHEC bacterial seems to have originated from a German festival site


Saturday, 04 June 2011
German authorities are now feeling that the EHEC bacterial outbreak that is killing many people already may have been got from a festival in Hamburg, German. More than half of the sick Swedes who were in Germany have been infected by the same strain as that in Germany.

In Germany, by far the hardest hit country, it was feared on Saturday that the disease claimed its 20th deaths internationally. A man in his 50s in Brandenburg, Germany was reported died from the bug though the  cause of death has not been fully elucidated. The man also had other infections, not only EHEC.

For the Swedish part, the number affected by the disease has remained the same on Saturday since Friday - 46 people, according to the Swedish department of Infectious Diseases Institute.


Still, there are no indications the disease is spreading in Sweden. 24 of the Swedish cases, tests have shown that the infection is the same unusual type as in Germany.
Simultaneously, the hunt for the source of infection continues and now an area where a festival took place in Hamburg, Germany between the 6 and 8 May, is reported by various news organisations as a possible source.

According to the German magazine Focus, the festival drew 1.5 million visitors from Germany and abroad. The first EHEC was reported from Hamburg University Hospital only weeks later.

Authorities are looking also for traces of contamination at a restaurant in the northern German city of Luebeck. A larger group of those who became ill ate at the restaurant between May 12 and 14 according to German media and various international media sources.

But scientists believe that the contamination did not come from the restaurant kitchen, but are attempting to identify the raw materials that went into the kitchen.

Concerns that EHEC infection is spreading has made even the Thai authorities implement special control on all tourists entering the country from Germany.

All international airports are examining inbound products from Germany for symptoms that can be linked to the EHEC, according reports from the Thai disease control then the German news agency DPA reports that passengers with diarrhoea will be laboratory tested.
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