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The economic crisis is good for the Swedish government’s popularity

Tuesday, 27 September 2011
The economic crisis currently brewing in Europe and the world is giving the Swedish government good reviews and the government has never had such strong support.

The ruling alliance coalition has been given good grades by those who believe that the government has good control of the economy. 59 percent of the Swedish people believe that government is doing a good job while 21 percent feels that the government is leading the country’s economy to the wrong direction.

In a new survey conducted by polling organisation Skop in which the Swedish people's reviewed the actions being taken by the government and opposition. During the period 22 August to 6 September 2011 some 1000 people were interviewed aged between 18 and 84 years.


The review show that the opposition Red Green coalition are dormant and have no where to challenge the government. They the opposition seem to lack knowledge of where the public need help and how to challenge the government about it.

Despite the triumph of the Social democrats in Denmark in the recent election, their counterpart in Sweden has found nothing to make the public to rally behind them. Such is also seen in the UK where the public has chosen to stick with a coalition government they don’t like just because the Labour opposition is doing nothing to entice the people.

In Sweden, confidence in the Red-Green coalition has fallen simultaneously. 28 percent believe that the opposition would be better and 37 percent believe that it would be worse.
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