The demand for democracy a requirement for buying Swedish military hard wares


Tuesday, 10 May 2011
After the violence in Northern Africa and Middle East, all countries Sweden sold weapons to which have been used to kill its people and the heavy criticism heaped upon Sweden has made the government and the opposition to start reviewing the most ultimate requirement for the sales of Swedish arms to other countries.

The Swedish government parties and the opposition Social Democrats are working on a New Sweden's terms of arms exports. They are negotiating a deal which would mean that demand for democracy should be placed on countries that Sweden is selling arms too.
The primary driver is the popular uprising in the Middle East and North Africa which the arms Sweden sold to those countries is being used by the leaders to kill its people and this is not seen as a great indication for the Swedish arms industry.


Sweden exported armaments for a total of Skr13.7 billion last year and just under 30 percent went to more than 20 countries such as Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The Foreign Affairs Committee in the Swedish parliament is working on an ongoing treatment of the question whether it should be a prerequisite for countries to be democracies in order to buy Swedish arms.

The Green Party and the Left Party also have a similar proposal like the Social Democrats.
The Liberal party and Christian Democrats are also interested in signing such conditions imposed on the Swedish arms exports.

The Social Democrats and the government is expected to negotiate wording that could provide the basis for a law "which required that Swedish armaments will only be sold to countries that are democratic.

It remains to see how the terms of the agreement would be worded given that Sweden makes lots of money from arms exports and the fear that other countries would take over the vacuum Sweden’s strong condition would mean to those countries wanting to buy arms. China and Russia stand to sell arms to any country be it democratic or not as such how Sweden would stay out of such lucrative deals remain worrying. Also we should be able to learn how “Democracy” is defined in the Swedish context and evidence that a country is democratic.
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