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The beleaguered Swedish opposition leader, Juholt accused of deception about budget process.

Friday, 13 January 2012
On Friday, the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri reports that that people within the top management circles of the opposition party, Social Democrats, have had access to a document which reveal that the party’s  chairman, Hakan Juholt, lied about the party's budgetary process.

The paper had earlier reported in December that Juholt, half an hour before the shadow budget was presented had requested that additional funding for unemployment insurance which is reported to have been included in the shadow budget be removed.


When the paper confronted Juholt with that, he denied it and blamed it on internal power struggles within the party. The documents that are now challenged still prove that Hakan Juholt lied.

Within the Social Democratic Party, an internal investigation is now requires to seek what Juholt really said. Those who support party leader, Juholt are becoming fewer. Håkan Juholt has been chairman of the Social Democrats since March last year.

For this short period, Juholt’s time as party chairman has been stormy. He has been accused of abuse of different kinds including expenses. Juholt has not been charged, but the support of the Social Democrats has plummeted. This is just another pain into the injury of the party.
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