The Swedish government could be ganged up againt in parliament by the opposition as a new defeat looms


Thursday, 09 June 2011
Th Swedish opposition parties are in total disagreement with the government at the moment on Social Security issues and there is the risk that another government policy could he heading for a defeat in the parliament.

When the Social Security Committee on Thursday debate and vote on laws on how to deal with sick people who are not insured, and their relationship to work and related benefits, the Social Democrats would likely get the support of the far right Sweden Democrats to form a majority and defeat the government. This means the Red -Green coalition will get the support of the Sweden Democrats in this case.

Committee member Eric Almquist of the Social Democrat party writes in the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet (Svd) that the party supports the proposal to re-insure people with no qualifying income in the sick insurance scheme. Like the red-green, the far right Sweden Democrats also see "a more reasonable and realistic assessment of the labour market".

He believes that the government's health insurance reform has rectified some deficiencies "but at the same time led to the conclusion that vulnerable people ended up trapped in an unacceptable manner."

According to Sweden Democrats, the Government's own proposals to counter this is "far from adequate and we can not wait for years on new government proposals."
"The red and green initiatives are welcome and are broadly in line with Sweden democratic social policies," said Almquist on Svenska Dagbladet.
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