The Swedish defense investigated for suspected bribery


Wednesday, 20 July 2011
The Chief Prosecutor of the Swedish Unit against Corruption, Alf Johansson yesterday launched an investigation into corruption in the Swedish Armed Forces.

According to Radio Sweden the preliminary investigation is to be carried out to determine whether correct procedures were observed for the procurement of advertisement that the Swedish defense carried out with a media agency in 2007.

According to radio Sweden, the Swedish armed forces carried out advertisement and only one media networker had the chance to place a bid for the deal. The question being asked is whether the Swedish armed forces carried out the procurement based of special interest, discrimination, corruption or what.

Radio Sweden recently put it mildly that, serious errors were carried out when Swedish armed forces department contracted advertising worth Skr300 million to one particular company.


The contract went to a media agency called Carat. But when the defense auditors during the spring went through the contract, it appeared that the requirements were written in such a way that in practice it was only Carat, which could be the winner of any such contract. Why?

The auditors also noted that one of the leading officials in the award process had pretty close ties with Carat such that it was difficult for the company to be disqualified in the process.

“Here's a statement made by the Armed Forces and the auditors and apparently there is a strong question on how procurement happened. It is clear that such attracts my interest,” says Alf Johansson to radio Sweden.

The Swedish audit report shows also that in addition to Skr300 million contracts for advertisement, the Swedish armed forces spent more money on information related deals for four years and other services from Carat for a total of Skr110 million. This occurred without the existence of a valid contract, which must be present.

The Swedish armed forces if therefore seen as a place where there might have been hidden corruption more that thought.

Sweden is determined to sweep the country’s institution off corruption and special interests. Competition in the award of contract and its procurement should replace favouritism. Last year, Gothenburg, the second largest city of the county was almost brought down by corruption and bribery scandals that shook the country down to its core and made many Swedish people so ashamed to look into the eyes of corrupt African leaders. This should not be another case.
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