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The Swedish Social Democrats party reaching cross roads as Confidence in leadership of Juholt Collapses

Tuesday, 27 December 2011
The Swedish Social Democrats party is like the Republican Party in the USA or the labour party in the UK which have lots of opportunities to take over power from the ruling incumbent but lack the strategy and will to do so.

In these three countries, USA, UK and Sweden one key observation is that the opposition parties lack leaders that the public can trust. At a time of serious economic hardship and increasing polarisation between the rich and the poor or the growing gap between the various classes of the society as well as the various ethnic groups or minorities, with the ruling parties and their leader making lots of mistakes, the opposition is not there to capitalise of these mistakes for political gain.

In Sweden, the confidence for Hakan Juholt, the leader of the biggest single political party in the country is at an all time historic low. Only 16 percent of voters feel some confidence in the leader. Not even a majority of their Social Democratic voters have confidence in Juholt, according a new survey conducted by the polling organisation, Sifo for the tabloid paper, Aftonbladet on Tuesday.

The result has now confirmed that the Social Democrats party is in full blown crisis of confidence.
Only 16 percent of voters say they have great or very great confidence in Hakan Juholt. That's the lowest support ever for a Social Democratic party leader since records began in 1995. The previous low was recorded in 2009 for Mona Sahlin, when 23 percent said they had confidence in her.


A clear 44 percent said they had no confidence at all in the Social Democrats party leader. Only far right Sweden Democrats party leader, Jimmie Åkesson has noted a lower figure, writes Aftonbladet, blamed of his relaxes tone of far right radicalism.

The Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt continues to charm voters – after all, it is better to trust devil you now than the angel you don’t know, as it is said. 67 percent of respondents say they have great or very great confidence the leader of the Moderate party.

Such is seen in the action of the leaderships in other leading countries. Take for example, the UK, Ed Milliband, leader of labour arty which supposed to be the biggest puller of crowed has just collapsed in the hand arrogant David Cameron.

Labour under the leadership of Milliband could not embrace crying student who went on the rampage seeking support against increased tuition fees. Labour instead came up with graduate fees – something that was most unpopular than what the government in power proposed. Some asked, why not seek course that are having a drain of resources such as media studies and tax those higher while encouraging those course that are badly needed for nation building and cap their fees lower.

Then talk of dealing with the economy something so bad that has downgraded Britain from the 6th leading world economy now to 7th. Labour is not able to propose or defend its economic record but jus whine and bore the whit cut of voters.

Then in the USA, similar rambling along the lines of self interest and money power is dominating the Republican party in their bid to selecting the next challenger to Obama at a time when the USA economy is limping.

The view that the Republicans came on strong only to unseat Obama rather that try to take the country to a different direction in which to help the Americans achieve their dreams has meant that the USA also lack a credible leader to challenge Obama.
What is wrong with the opposition parties and how can they turn the fortunes round?
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