The Swedish Social Democrat party is growing again at the expense of the conservatives


Friday, 27 May 2011
For the first time since the election last fall, the Swedish Social Democrats party has grown bigger that the Conservatives, according a new opinion poll.
The poll conducted by polling organisation Synovate for the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter,  show that since Hakan Juholt became party leader, the Social Democrats  has increased its support four percentage points.

According to Nick K´┐Żllebring, public opinion analyst at Synovate, is it too early to tell if the Juholt-effect is taking hold of the party right now.

He points that it looks like some voters that absconded are beginning to return as they begin to believe that the party now has a strong leader. However, there is still in fighting in the party and argument about how Juholt became the new leader with some heavy weights of the party refusing to work with him.


But the Social Democratic leadership is still short of 0.3 percentage points. And the alliance for the ruling government coalition still has an advantage of 2.5 percentage points. All of these changes lie within the margin of error.

A statistically significant change is that the Sweden Democrats slopes from 6.2 to 4.2 percent.
Conservatives have lost as measured by four percentage points since February. The Centre Party is up by 4.7 percent over the parliamentary threshold, while the Christian Democrats are just below. The Liberal Party will increase about one percentage point to 7.2.
Left party stands at 4.1 percent, thereby making its polling standing the worst since April 1994. The Green Party is still at 8.9 percent.

Far right party, Sweden Democrats backed by two percentage points to 4.2 percent, according to the opinion poll. The change is the only one that is statistically significant.

Synovate public opinion analyst Niclas K´┐Żllebring believe that the decline of the Sweden Democrats are temporary, and that it can return when the party start getting more popularity in the press again. More than 2700 people were asked questioned in the survey.
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