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The Swedish Christian Democrats want a new Swedish school policy

Friday, 04 November 2011
The Swedish educational model is being copied in places such as the UK but is Swedish school model really working? If one looks at the international league table, our neighbour, Finland is the one that we should immolate and the model that places such as the UK should copy.
Some people may disagree with this report but the Swedish political party, one in the current ruling coalition feels that there is the need to do some changes.


Party leader of the Swedish Christian Democrats,  Göran Hägglund writes the debate page of the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, that schools should not only meet the learning objectives, but that students also should learn respect for human equality, democracy and equality.

This will be achieved by means of clear conduct and regulations. According to Hagglund, teachers have the right to confiscate mobile phones, provide written warnings and detention;
The party now appoints a working group to develop proposals and formulate school policy.

Swedish educational situation has been much debated recently as comparative report show that Swedish schools are not performing as better as outsiders might perceive. Instead Finnish students have been consistently ranked high on international league tables while Sweden has been consistent placed in the middle of the table.

Swedish schools have also been characterised in recent years by racist and bullying tendencies. Göran Hägglund writes that “every day, children are afraid to go to school. Every day, young boys and girls are bullied. Children are starving themselves, tormented by thoughts of suicide or cutting down their arms to numb the pain inside.”

In this respect, for all human beings, equality, democracy and friendship must be practiced in everyday life, not become of a theoretical framework, the minister continues. By establishing clear behaviour and conduct in school, ethical discussions related to everyday, real life situations will help reduce this strain.
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