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The Sales of Jas Gripen to Switzerland facing a bumpy ride and could be quashed

Thursday, 01 December 2011
Several major political parties in Switzerland want a referendum to prevent the country to buying the 22 Gripen aircraft from Sweden which its government announced yesterday in a press conference.
According to radio Sweden, there are very strong possibilities that this will be placed in a referendum, said Evi Alleman, Social Democratic MP and security policy spokesperson, who spoke to the radio.
The parties that are acting against the purchase are the Social Democrats, Greens and several civic groups.


Evi Alleman, according to radio Sweden, believes that there is a problem that the price equivalent to Skr22 billion will force Switzerland to pursue savings in several other areas.
The purchase of new fighter planes are part of a larger defence policy decision to be take by the Parliament of Switzerland at the earliest, the end of next year, according to radio Sweden.

Because of this huge disagreement, such a decision may be brought to a referendum. But if the government don’t want a referendum the opponents can force it by collecting 100,000 signatures.
“The atmosphere there is very critical, there is no problem to put together the names,” says Evi Alleman.
Representatives of other parties, such as the nationalist Swiss

People's Party, spoke positively of the Gripen decision.
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