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The Gripen business with Switzerland forces a referendum

Sunday, 04 December 2011
The Socialists party in Switzerland is to hold a referendum on the federal government's decision to buy 22 Swedish fighters jets, the JAS Gripen. On Saturday, they voted unanimously for a resolution on the matter to be taken in that way.

The jet fighters will cost skr22 billion, and the Swiss government is seeking to increase the military budget or impose restrictions in other areas that will force the party get to the work done in the purchase
Parliamentary decision is also thought to go to referendum if enough support is not obtained from the parliamentarians.
Already analyst feel that the Swedish jet deal could be better given its advance technology imbedded and it relatively lower buying price and maintenance cost.
In related development the Swiss prosecutors have launched an investigation into the breach of timely release of information on the grounds that details about the plan to buy the JAS Gripen were leaked to the media. The federal public prosecutor's office confirmed on Friday that it will be carrying out a review.
In several papers it is held that the reports about the deal was built on leaks, including information that the Swiss Air Force was critical of the Gripen, which in the procurement competed against the Rafale and Eurofighter.
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