Opps! The EHEC bacteria spreading and killing did not come from German as previously thought


Sunday, 05 June 2011
German health authorities rule out the suspicion that the EHEC outbreak started on a major port festival in Hamburg between May 6 and 8. Now the hunt for the source of the infection in Germany continues.

According to reports, the focus for the hunt continues to be the cities of Hamburg, Luebeck and Bremen, where patients answer questions on what they have eaten.

The E-coli – like bacteria outbreak has killed at least 19 people, including one in Sweden. Over 1700 have been infected worldwide.

As investigators to try and determine the source of the bacterial continues,  after the festival in Hamburg, traced shipments delivered to a restaurant Kartoffelkeller in L�beck, where 17 people fell ill after eating meat and salad are being examined.

Inspectors are reported to have examined the kitchen and took stool samples from employees. None of the staff has become ill, although they ate the same food as the guests.

According to Swedish television, the restaurant buys food from a wholesaler in M�lln who in turn orders from the central food market in Hamburg - where several cases of EHEC have been reported.
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