The Chinese making tough demands for Saab – Swedish Industry Minister


Friday, 01 July 2011
Last night Swedish industry minister, Maud Olofsson and Saab's CEO, Victor Muller met representatives from the Chinese government to discuss the Saab Automobile business with China.
The Chinese delegation wanted to learn more from the Swedish Minister, Maud Olofsson how the Swedish government feels about Saab and the Swedish automobile industry.

“They see continued challenges in this business. It was important for me to give an idea of how we look at Saab and future cooperation. They were satisfied with the cooperation between Volvo and Geely, for Saab, it looks a little different because we are in an emergency situation” said Maud Olofsson to radio Sweden after the meeting.

It is China's mighty organ, NDRC National Development and Reform Commission, which decides which foreign companies can invest in China.

NDRC is currently visiting Sweden, and last night the delegation a good two-hour meeting at Rosenbad with Maud Olofsson. During the first part of the meeting, Saab’s CEO, Victor Muller was also in attendance.


Car distributor Pang Da and automaker Youngman had said it is willing to jointly invest €245 million, representing about Skr2.3 billion the Saab.
It is therefore crucial for Saab that the cooperation is approved by the giant Chinese agency.

What remains to happens to deal Maud Olofsson could not speculate
“It is too early to say, it was our first meeting and we had the opportunity to inform each other.”

Do you think the Chinese are listening to you?
“Yes, we had a very good dialogue and have good experience from discussions with Volvo and Geely. But one should remember that they are tough businessmen and they are hard in terms of requirements.

On the sideline, Russian businessman Vladimir Antonov who wants to become part owner of Saab was in Stockholm yesterday.
Antonov met with no government official however, he visited the head of Saab's largest trade union IF Metall.
Earlier this week, Vladimir Antonov, said to a Latvian newspaper that he wants to move production to Latvia if he takes over Saab.

IF Metall's chairman Stefan L�fven says that after the meeting, he was feeling confident that production in Trollhattan will remain if Antonov would take over the company.

“To destroy production in Trollhattan, would be to destroy the entire brand, and then the investment would be worthless to him.
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