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Switzerland buys the Swedish fighter machines, the Gripen Jets but Saab is tight lipped

Wednesday, 30 November 2011
Source very close to the Swiss government told a Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, that the Swiss government should have decided to buy 22 Jas Gripen fighter jets, confirms swiss government at a press conference today.

The 22 jets according to information cost three billion Swiss francs, which was the cheapest option. The Swiss are also reported to have considered the French jet fighters, Dassault Rafale and the German-Spanish-British Eurofighter.


The decision is controversial, writes Tages-Anzeiger. According to sources, the purchase cost the Swiss equivalent to more than 7.5 billion less than the same number of Eurofighter or the French Rafael. The selection of Gripen would have economic causes. The price tag is considered to have had great significance.

As regards the tests, it is reported that Gripen did not fared particularly well in two of the testing that were carried out. But Gripen's proponents believe that other tests showed better results and that it is the overall picture of the plane's performance that counts.

At Saab, on Wednesday afternoon, there was still no confirmation about the reports.
“if it is true then it will of course be fun, but we can only conclude that they are unconfirmed,” says Eric Magni at Saab Information Department to dagens Nyheter.

“Such large contracts often preceded by rumours. It is a government decision in Switzerland to be taken.”

The Swiss government will reportedly hold a press conference at 16.30 on Wednesday.
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