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Swedish politicians enjoying the fruits of their labour as they splash on Skr100000 on a trip to New York

Thursday, 17 November 2011
The City of Stockholm spent almost Skr100, 000 for three persons for a business trip to the U.S.. Just traffic and labour market mayoral official, Ulla Hamilton of the ruling Moderate party spent Skr33, 000 on her rest efficient flight.

The mission which was between 4 and 5 November to New York cost taxpayers nearly Skr100,000. For three days and two nights, that involved cosy for hotel for three people, writes the free paper, Metro.


Ulla Hamilton of the ruling Moderate party travelled with Vice Mayor Secretary Carl Hoglund and an official of the Stockholm City Executive Office. The flight for the three cost Skr75,000. Ulla Hamilton chose to fly business class. Her ticket cost Skr33,000.

“An important journey that confirms that we are working in the right direction in terms of city development. My expensive airline ticket was because I wanted to be able to sleep better to be ready when I landed,” says Ulla Hamilton to Metro.

Together with representatives from 22 other cities participated in the conference "Global Partners Summit" to discuss growth and labour market issues.

The opposition critics the high cost of travel and said that without much effort one can make the same journey for half the price. It is also questioned whether business executives really travel for this type of high cost. But the question is if politician are asking the tax payers to be prudent because “times are hard, ” should they not lead the way?

Skr100,000 is more than capital required to start a limited liability company in Sweden as such it looks like this was a real business trip.
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