Swedish people’s party want to attract more immigrants to Sweden.


Wednesday, 06 July 2011
Population is a great resources especially a population that is educated and has a strong consuming power. This is why even though countries like the USA, Germany and the UK have a smaller population that the like of India, China, Bangladesh etc., these fore mentioned countries are economically strong.

Now that idea is beginning to resonate in the Swedish political circle. This is something that would not be popular especially in a country where the far rights have grown strong and there is intense discrimination in various sectors of the economy.
One way to attach such outliers in the Swedish economy and society is to attract more immigrants to Sweden. When the Swedish indigenes see more immigrant faces, they will become relaxed and open up.

The Swedish People Party (liberals) is the force behind this thing at this moment given that it was rejected before the last election.

The party wants to attract more industrious and educated people to Sweden. During their political open day in the Swedish political retreat in Almedalen, the party propose that job seekers should be allowed to come to Sweden and seek employment even if they have not yet gotten a job waiting for them.

The applicants must, however, have attained an education at the postgraduate level, speak English or Swedish and be able to support themselves.


This should affect business people who want to invest and student who want to pursue further education. The Party leader Jan Bj´┐Żrklund, pointing to the need to encourage more highly skilled labour migrants to Sweden emphasizes that there should be less complicated for example, people with scientific and engineering background to immigrate.

“Economic development is no longer in the machines, and the countries that succeed in attracting very qualified and talented people will go much better,” says Bjorklund.
At the same time the party wants people with experience to run a business and have an initial capital to immigrate to start operations in Sweden, although he has not given precise ideas about how big the initial capital should be.

The party add that foreign visiting students must obtain a residence permit for six additional months after obtaining their Swedish degree provided that they are looking for jobs.
Bjorklund do not think a lot of qualified people will find their way to Sweden just because the  immigration procedures are made easier.

The party leader will present the proposal to the party’s congress for examination. But, Bjorklund will drive the idea also in the government so that they can be made into real new policy.

Penilla Gunther, Christian Democrat’s integration policy spokesperson was surprised by the People’s Party “played out”. She says that this is not a new idea and that the Christian Democrats have worked with similar proposals - that skilled workers looking for work without employment already guaranteed should be allowed in the country. She also added that there should be simplification of visiting students so as to make the process easy. This was in the negotiations for alliance manifesto for the election last year which was rejected.

“It was included in the negotiations but we did not get through it,” says Gunther.
With some ambivalence in her voice, she continues: “But I welcome the fact that they now have come to realize.”
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