Swedish opposition party leader orders Swedish halt to all activities in Libya and withdraw fighter jets


Saturday, 04 June 2011
Before the Swedish opposition social democrat party support any further action in Libya, Swedish JAS-planes must be return from Libya. The reason for this is that the mission to guard the no-fly zone is a completed mission.

Speaking to radio Sweden on Saturday in an interview, the party leader, H�kan Juholt made the final announcement.
If Sweden is to maintain any international corporation the activities in Libya supported by the Social Democrats, it will not involve no planes. As such the planes have to come back home. 

“The operation to maintain the no-fly zone to have ended "said Hakan Juholt.
as such further stay in Libya is about maintaining arms embargo, not this no  fly zone, "said Hakan Juholt.

That NATO would extend the operation in Libya is clear, but what Sweden is doing here is uncertain. Right now, negotiations between the opposition Social Democrats and the governing moderate party leadership are on going.

Both the Government and the Social Democratic Party have clearly declared that it is about more than air and marine operations that are being discussed.
But the only written document that has been published is has to do with matter of continued aerial surveillance sent by the defence alliance's Secretary General to the Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

The question is why NATO chief asks for something that Hakan Juholt find unnecessary. The opposition leader said that this remain an unanswerable question because no one has alleged that Kadaffi is currently using an air force to bomb its population. No one has said that there is such a bombardment of the population from Kadaffi’s Air Force. Then it is surely absurd that our contribution will be to prevent it when actually is not happening, "said Hakan Juholt to radio Sweden.
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