Swedish minister sobs as she recounts how great immigrants are building Swedish economy and how they are abused.


Thursday, 07 July 2011
Swedish minister of economy sobbed as she gave her last speech as leader of the Centre party on Thursday at Almedalen. The leader had to purse to wipe tears when she recounted how the immigrants in Sweden have sustained the welfare system but always get bad press.

Centre Party's outgoing leader Maud Olofsson used her last speech in Almedalen to actually celebrate entrepreneurs in her capacity as the minister if industries. Then she praised those Swedish people with foreign backgrounds for being the real sustainers of the Swedish welfare for the good of Sweden.
“They are the real builders of the Swedish welfare system,” Olofsson said.

Several times she came close to rupture in her voice as she addresses the crowed in Almedalen, in Visby.
“As it is right to hand over the baton to a new generation, I'll tell it like it is, it's both sad and beautiful,” said the Centre Party leader, who leaves in autumn.
The speech was personal, emotional and full of flashbacks. Among other things, she looked back with pride at the time when the Alliance governing coalition was formed.

“It is no longer normal for the Social Democrats to govern the country; it is no longer normal for the bourgeois to quarrel. Today we have a better government.”

But she pointed out the real problems facing Sweden is its ability to sustain the renewal which she said must continue.

She sent an appreciative salute to the country's immigrant population which despite all their efforts under tough Swedish environment try to sustain the welfare system. They are called names: “they are welfare dependent, unemployment, live in segregation and are prone to crime - we have many negative words for the immigrants…Think how rarely you hear the positives.”


“There are other ways to describe the immigrants. I find creativity, I find kindness, I find entrepreneurship, an indomitable will and an indomitable enthusiasm.”
Pointing to the Swedish immigrant population she appreciated and told them to continue with their handwork. “I would say, we want you to contribute, we want you to start a business, and we want you to help build a renewed Sweden.  Let us help them and welcome them to come here.”
She asked the questions: “Do you know that Sweden may be having a net increase of 10,000 skilled immigrants every year?”

Then she explained that one in three pharmacists and one in four doctors are made up of people with foreign backgrounds.
“Dear friends, it is the immigrants who carry the core of the welfare system ... And those who will build the country in the future.”

Entrepreneurship was a recurring topic in the speech. Maud Olofsson, envisioned a society where more parties, not just the Centre Party, would one day be may called the "entrepreneur" parties.
Besides crying out for the immigrants, something which will be swept under the carpet once the party political discussion would have been concluded, Olofsson took a swipe at the Social Democratic party leader:
“There should be discipline and order in public finances, otherwise it always affects the weakest. That is why I get so upset by the discussion that the Social Democrats would be willing to lower our budget this fall.”

“I think that Hakan Juholt tomorrow, here in Almedalen, shall give proper answers to these questions to all the Swedes: Are you prepared to endanger the public finances? Are you willing to work with the Sweden Democrats to give up the framework that is set to keep order in the Swedish economy?
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