Swedish government to raise taxes on box wines as prices expected to soar


Thursday, 26 May 2011
Sweden wants to increase taxes on boxes of wins. The state owned monopoly alcohol retailer, Systembolaget would impose an extra tax on win boxes.

The intention is to reduce the consumption of packet wines, which today accounts for 60 percent of all wine sold in Sweden. There shall be no bulk discounts on alcohol, says the monopoly. In many cases, one gets four bottles of wine for the price of three if buying the wines in the boxes.


It pays to work rather than to smoke and drink, according to the Swedish Finance minister Anders Borg. The Government's proposal means that a bottle of wine will be Skr 3 more expensive, and a can of beer 1kr more expensive and 75 cl bottle of spirits Skr15 to16 more expensive next year.

But the monopoly does not think it is enough and wants more tax increases to stop the growth of box wind consumers who now account for 60 percent of all wine sold at Systembolaget.

The Swedish Public Health Institute has previously proposed that the prices of box wines should increase so that the current "volume discount" on box wines should disappear. If the proposal is implemented, it would mean big price increases on some of the most popular boxes at Systembolaget.
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