Swedish government at collusion course with aid agency as aid budget in reduced


Thursday, 14 July 2011
The Swedish government has decided to take more than Skr1billion from its economic aid budget. The money is transferred from the economic aid to the Ministry of Finance and may be freely used by Finance Minister Anders Borg. Aid agencies are strongly critical of the government's action.

More than Skr1 billion is being removed from the Swedish government’s aid budget; Skr1.038 billion, the government has decided, according to radio Sweden.

Skr52 million of it goes to debt relief to the African states of Congo Kinshasa and Togo.
The rest, Skr986 million, goes to the general treasury and may be freely used by Finance Minister, Anders Borg.

Aid organization such as Diakonia is very disturbed about the development and is very critical that the government takes money away from poor people:
“I'm being honest, really angry. This is a way to tax the Congolese population in a way that is immoral,” said Greg Forsberg, Secretary General of the aid organisation Diakonia.


Bosse Forsberg, of the Christian democrat party thinks it's immoral to take away nearly a billion of aid money.

“This has happened before, and then the Christian Democrats and Liberal Party leader promised that it would not be repeated,” says Bosse Forsberg.

“I would have preferred to avoid it, but this is a compromise within the government,” said Liberal Party leader Jan Bj´┐Żrklund.

Ecominc aid minister Gunilla Carlsson, of the ruling Moderate Party, said that the economic aid budget of just over Skr30 billion is robust even with the removal of a billion. But also adds that the proposal will be presented to the parliament.
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