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Swedish economy continues to get weaken but growth expected in 2012 

Friday, 28 October 2011
The Economic Tendency Indicator, which measures the situation in the Swedish economy, fell to 94.3 in October from the revised 96.6 the previous month.


According to Swedish National Institute for Economic Research (NIER) in the Business Tendency Survey, it shows a generally expected trend that Swedish economic activities were slowing down. So analysts had expected that the economic indicator to reach 95.5 in October.

The institute says that the barometer indicator has decreased nearly 18 units in the past five months.
The indicator is well below the historic average, indicating that growth in the Swedish economy is currently weaker than normal. All economic sectors and households contributed this month that the barometric indicator decreased.

There was a stronger trend in Sweden during the third quarter than the institute expected, but there are now clearer signs of a slowdown ahead. NIER expects, however, that there will be continued growth and more economic buoyancy will resume in the second half of 2012.
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