Swedish coalition government receiving constricting challenge from its opposition rivals


Monday, 06 June 2011
The Swedish ruling government coalition is gradually loosing support to the opposition – Red-Green coalition. Latest opinion polls show how if elections were to be held today, the Alliance coalition will be pushed out of power.

The resurgent of the Green Party after a hake-up in its top management with the elections of new spokespersons saw its support increased by 2.3 percentage points, one of the highest growths the party had enjoyed in recent years. 

One of the new polls conducted by polling group, United Minds made on behalf of the tabloid news paper Aftonbladet, show that the three Red-Green parties, the Green party, Social Democrats and the Left party have a growing combine support of 46.8 percent and the four ruling centre right alliance parties have 44.4 percent.


Asa Romson and Gustav Fridolin, the new spokespersons of the Green party are said to be starting something of a drama in the party that have not been seem before.  Opinion perception for the party has increased, according to United Minds pollster. The Green Party moved to 11.2 percent in opinion staking, an increase of 2.3 percentage points.

For the Conservatives moderate party, they ended up at 30.5 percent after having dropped 1.7 percentage points. The Social Democrats increased 0.2 and the party is now regaining its position as the largest party of the country with 30.9 percent. Far right pasty Sweden Democrats strengthens its position as a power broker with 7.8 percent.

In another opinion poll conducted by the polling firm Synovate for the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, confirmation again that the Social Democrats for the first time since the election was polled more than Conservatives was eminent. Since Hakan Juholt took over leadership position of the party, the party had gained increased support from voters to the tone of four percentage points.

The survey showed the ruling conservative Moderate party backing slightly while the support for the Greens was unchanged. The Greens party was at 8.9 percent point, the same as in April according to the Synovate poll.

In late May, the Green Party voted in two new spokes persons Asa Romson and Gustav Fridolin to replace Maria Wetterstrand and Peter Eriksson as the heads of the party.

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