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Swedish alcohol retail monopoly, Systembolaget could start home delivery of alcohol

Monday, 19 September 2011
New evolution n the Swedish alcohol retailing is that which an order could be made at the local systembolaget shop or online and the strong beer or wine or spirit get delivered at home just as groceries are done these days.

“We can see indeed that there are changes in purchasing behaviours, so it's our customers who want us to serve them even through the internet and mobile phones,” said Magdalena Gerger, CEO of Systembolaget.

Systembolaget is growing and will offer services and sales in more places than just in the stores.
Soon, all systembolaget’s catalogue would be made available on line such that a large range of alcoholic drinks could be made available for home delivery. But the home delivery bit will not be launched until at least next year.

Question: Is there a risk that people will drink more when it is possible to order alcohol simply online?
“This is of course something we've looked very carefully and concluded that such risk does not exist, since it involves a change in buying habits of consumers. If you look at trade in general you will see that sale does not increase just because goods are order via internet and mobile phones or the like. It just help facilitate the buying and selling channels,” says Magdalena Gerger.

Anti alcohol organisation are disturbed by this development. One of such organisations, IOGT-NTO's siad that “we understand that the monopoly must keep up with developments and that they also want to get involved in the online retail evolution, but there is concern that this will mean that alcohol availability is increasing,” says Anna Carlstedt, President for IOGT-NTO.

Examples of worries is seen in Norway in which already such approach was taken there for a while and there was big trouble just with age verification. Above all, the Norwegian found it hard for their staff to take the orders of alcohol to the doors of clients. They find it very tough to stand there and to check sobriety and also check the age limits when it is a bit questionable and then if they are not satisfied, they have to take to product back in.

“We understand that the monopoly is looking at this possibility, because they are supposed to manage retail sales of alcohol in Sweden and it is clear that both the network and the home is part of the trade. But what worries us is that when availability increases so does the drinking. That we know,” said Anna Carlstedt
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