Swedish Youth wing of the Social Democrats to hold congress amidst tight security given events in Ut�ya in Norway


Tuesday, 02 August 2011
Today, eleven days after the terrorist attacks in Ut�ya in Norway, starts the Swedish Social Democratic Youth, SSU’s federal congress in Stockholm. It will be a Congress where, in addition to politics, there will be reflection, and increased safety and security.

“When it comes to safety, we do not naive, but it's about the police's assessment and we work closely with them,” said SSU's Federal Chairman Jytte Guteland to radio Sweden.

The feature of the Congress is to find ways to the re-launch social democracy content. This is stated in SSU's program prior to the 36th Congress.


But eleven days after the attack on the Socialist youth camp on Ut�ya in Norway, the Federal Congress will also to be about something more: time for reflection and greater security.
“Some things are of course visible to the public about safety. We've covered it, and we encourage representatives, parents and others to contact us if they feel they have any questions about security or about what has happened,” says Jytte Guteland.

It's not just the number of guards who might become more and more visible. The content and discussions among the more than 500 participants and visitors will be affected.

“I'm sure we'll hear discussions about democracy engagement and have a memorial service among others.” she said.

Last year after the Swedish far right gained access to the Swedish parliament, a study at Gothenburg University showed that far right activities tend to become more active when the Social Democrats are in power.  It also held that far right activists are more inclined to hitting the Social democrats’ supporters harder than supporters of any other party.  

The action of the far right activist in Ut�ya, Norway, where he targeted youths from the Social Democrat labour party is therefore not strange in Sweden.
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