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Swedish Social democrat leader accuses the Swedish government of selling out the country

Wednesday, 18 January 2012
In what looks like a war of words and moves to like improve on his political standing, the leader of the social democrats, Hakan Juholt has attacked premier, Fredrik Reinfeldt for what he called the sale out of Sweden’s common assets.

Like shouting from the top of his voice he asked: "Where does the mandate to sell off Sweden comes from? Where does the order to put Swedish state owned assts for sale come from?

Every day, there are reports on this. At least one medical centre in Stockholm, which was sold for Skr700,000  and then resold for Skr20 million, "he said as he address the parliament on Wednesday in the leaders question.


Fredrik Reinfeldt replied that Juholt was just giving examples of what he had in his introduction mentioned.
"This is the high pitch, caricatures of society, which is not correct. We have been selling wine and spirits. Håkan Juholt Want to buy it back? "he asked.

According to Reinfeldt the government still runs a majority of health care, education and care in the municipalities around the country. “It's good, but it's also good with other alternatives,” he stressed.
But Hakan Juholt persists with criticism.
"I have listened to the anger that exists around the country. The Conservatives are pushing to sell off schools, hospitals and health centres. You give away our common assets," he said.

But Reinfeldt attacked Juholt to face reality.
"See things reality as they look, it's much more interesting than the high tone from the opposition who have no policy of their own but is just in love with the high pitch, "said Reinfeldt.
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