Testing the Swedish political feel:
The Red-Green opposition bloc heap more pressure on the Swedish ruling Alliance bloc – opinion poll show


Sunday, 26 June 2011
The Swedish Social Democrats are gradually winning the hearts for the Swedish voters.

Recent opinion poll show that the Red Green Coalition which is made up of the Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Left Party is now larger than the non-socialist or the ruling Alliance bloc  made up of the Conservative Moderates, the People’s Party the Christian Democrats and the Centre party.


The poll which is made based on voter’s opinion a graduation weighted results from the five major polling institutions which also show that the Social Democrats are now the largest political party in the country.

The result is based on Swedish voter opinion poll drawn from a new voter Index compiled by Novus Opinion polling organisation for radio Sweden. Also the results from other organisations notably Demoskop, Novus, SIFO, Skop and Synovate are weighed in what is internationally known as the "poll of polls".

The results of published surveys are weighted together according to the number of interviews in each survey.

Therefore, the Red-Green coalition parties, Social Democrats and the Greens increased while the Left party decreased slightly.

Among the ruling parties, sympathy for the Moderate Conservatives and the Centre party fell while the People’s party and the Christian Democrats increased.

As for the far rights – Sweden Democrats, the figures remains exactly the same as last month.
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