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Swedish Social Democrat party in a new opinion poll fall - women supporters lead the way out

Friday, 28 October 2011
After the scandal with the leader of the Social Democrats, Håkan Juholt, the Social Democrats, the biggest political party in Sweden continues to suffer in rallying support for the party. As such, if elections where to be held today in Sweden, only 28.1 percent would vote for the party according to a latest opinion poll out on Friday.

In the poll conducted by polling organisation, Synovate for the Swedish DALY Dagens Nyheter, only in September, 6 percent of Social democrat’s voters have disappeared and its shows that this is mostly women.

The Social Democrats had a slight positive trend in public opinion in late summer and early autumn. The trend was broken when it was revealed that the party leader Håkan Juholt abused his housing and travel alliances and the pain is that in his position as the future leader of the country he supposed to have been abreast with the rules and laws guiding Sweden.


Although the leader has never been very popular among voters per se, his behaviour, attitude and style has been weary to Swedish voters and supporter of the Social Democrats.  Therefore the scandal marked the beginning of a black week for the Social Democrats. Besides the scandal, the leader of the party, Juholt boycotted the party leaders’ debate in the Swedish television. The Social Democrats along with the Left Party argued then that their boycott had to do with the fact that they did not want to share a stage with the far right Sweden Democrats.

But the Social Democrats itself is deeply imbedded with far right views and top officials who want to enforce them. One of such views emerged within that period came from the Social democrats politician Ilmar Reepalu who proposals that immigrants who would be Swedish citizens be given temporary citizenship first. Although Mr Ilmar Reepalu himself is an immigrant to Sweden from Estonia, he has turned against liberals and immigrants in Sweden.
This escapade could not be properly handled by the Social Democrat leader as such several S-politicians demanded party the leader's departure. After a stormy marathon meeting of the party's executive committee, it became clear that he would be left to stay put.

Synovate polling began in mid-October, when the Juholt affair was going on, and continued through when the leader pleaded for forgiveness and took a tour around Sweden. But the polls continue to react against him and his party – to a disappointing 28.1 percent.

“It's not surprising that the Social Democrats lost heavily. We had expected this. We saw the same thing recently when we measured the confidence support for Hakan Juholt. It is too early to say how constant the downturn will be, or if the party can recover,” says Synovate's Managing Director Karin Nelsson.
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    Conservatives: 34% (+2.3)
    Liberal Party: 6.7% (+1.2)
    Centre Party: 5.3% (-0.1)
    Christian Democratic Party: 4.0% (+0.2)
    Social Democrats: 28.1% (-6.0)
    Left: 5.8% (+0.9)
    Green Party: 10.0% (+1.7)
    Sweden Democrats: 5.1% (0.0)

    The blocks are:
    Alliance parties: 50.0% (+3.6)
    The Red-Green: 43.9% (-3.4%)
    The Social Democrats' drop:
    Men: 28.3% (-4.5)
    Women: 27.8% (-7.7)
    Source: Synovate