Swedish Prime Minister,  Reinfeldt would not speculate on a possible Saab bankruptcy


Monday, 27 June 2011
Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt stresses that he does not want to speculate anything in relation to a possible bankruptcy of Saab automobile.

When asked what government can do to help the Saab Employees, he answers carefully because:
“There is a very accrued skills and experience in Sweden to support people in transition. It is the people we should go for, it's the people we are helping to advance the part of the economy that is growing,” he says.

“We have the obvious responsibility to be in support of various forms of conversion if they are affected.”
Reinfeldt said that he believes in "the Swedish model to invest in people, not to preserve the structures and plants just as the look."

“I believe in an economy that has the ability to convert. Where people can come on to that part of the economy where jobs are growing, where there is growth. We just ensure that people get help along the way if needed,” said Reinfeldt


This comes after Ulf Johansson, who has worked at Saab Automobile in 27 years is one of the 3500 Saab Employees who were not be able to receive their pay this month.

Speaking to radio Sweden, he said that “I and many feel that the government has acted horribly lame in that, they rather are sabotaging everything with the statements they make. It seems that they do not want any automotive industry in Sweden,” said Ulf Johansson, who has worked at Saab Automobile in 27 years.

He is not the only one who has accused the Swedish government of playing weak with Saab. Several authorities have said that Swedish government has treated Saab with disdain. The Russian financial, Antonov who has been moving mountains to want to invest in the Company has seen his attempts quashed despite approvals from the Swedish debt office. His representative in Sweden, Lars Carlstrom has made various tirades against the government and was the first to vocally say that the Swedish government wants to kill Saab.

Despite all the signs that Saab is now showing that it can be revived with the Chinese coming in with lots of interest, nothing is being done to give the company a glimmer of hope from the political bureaucrats sector. Debates and preparations are being carried out instead about how Saab is of no great importance to Sweden right now and that the collapse of Saab will do nothing to the Swedish economy.
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