Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt attacks the Social Democrat's criticism on his job record


Saturday, 07 May 2011
The Social democrats party has been in the skin of the ruling moderate coalition in Sweden on recent. One particular area where the social democrats are hitting hard on the government is their job creation record. This is very worrying to the Mr Reinfeldt who has been having sleepless nights recently thinking on how to retaliate.

When the Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt spoke at the party's municipal conference in Karlstad, Western Sweden, he went for it straight away and attacked the Social Democrats. As the more than 1700 Moderate politicians from across the country sat at the  conference and open their ears,  Reinfeldt said that all jobs are needed, including those supported by house hold support which is tax deductable or those created by the reduced VAT for restaurants.

“They are against everything that is the basis for us to get more jobs in Sweden. They also point the finger at those jobs that are emerging. We are talking about more jobs, not the wrong job, "said Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Conservatives took the opportunity to introduce a new campaign just about any job needed.
Reinfeldt spoke warmly to the moderate part that reduction in earned income via tax credit has helped to make jobs to now be on the increasing.

Reinfeldt believes that the next key thing about the election will be jobs. Subsidised jobs will also be required in the sequel, especially when those who now are furthest from the labour market will get employment.

This why he has chosen to be on the offense to defend his jobs creation record in front of the  Social Democratic  on this issue.

“When I note that we are trying to implement the policy, then the Social Democrats star asking lots of questions and even call our job creation scoff and say its dirty work and jobs that are not needed. It's a little unclear to me how they believe that the options should look like. I am very scared about all the jobs we have and the jobs we can get and our line of work to get more jobs in Sweden,” said Fredrik Reinfeldt.


In the speech Reinfeldt also criticized municipal and county councils in the audience for not listening enough to their employees.
The employees must have more influence over their working lives and how such things as schools and care work. This makes the business better.

Reinfeldt has been considering a radical solution to the problem.

“I have sometimes wondered if the only answer is to demolish the council houses in the municipality of Sweden. But we're not a revolutionary party, so I tend to moderate a little bit here, "said Reinfeldt who seem dejected that he is not getting enough support from his teams.
If the Conservatives are to grow for local governments so they must be able to answer these of frustrated citizens who need their support he points.

The question is whether it was what the municipal councils wanted to hear.
“I think it was what my constituents wanted to hear.

According to Reinfeldt by 2015 there would been some 320 000 new jobs created if the economy remains healthy. This will represents an unemployment rate of five percent, three percent under the old prognosis, he points out.
He believes that 50,000 of the 320 000 new jobs will be in publicly funded in the region of welfare, the elderly and in schools.

Another area where the Social Democrats had hit the Moderate very hard is in the area of child poverty which is on the rise in an economic dichotomised Sweden.
Yeah! The economy is doing well and Sweden is growing as never before but children and some families are being pushed to the rear of the economic sphere of the country. 

The Finance Minister, Anders Borg did not know about this and since he realised recently, he took the opportunity to defuse his new approach to abolish child poverty by promising new aid to poor families with children in the autumn budget. Borg also called for a new design of social assistance to access poverty traps and child poverty.

Let wait and hear the reply from the Social Democrats.
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