Swedish Prime Minister, Reinfeldt accuses opposition leader Juholt of betraying the Swedish people


Monday, 04 July 2011
The first shot in the Swedish holiday’s political retreat sees Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt getting on the offensive and taking the first hot at the leading opposition leader Hakan, Juholt.

The Prime Minister criticised the opposition leader of the way he is using the parliamentary voting system in which he has been voting with the far rights to quash his policies.

Hakan Juholt there is betraying the promise the social democrats made not to ever give the far right Sweden Democrats an influence in Swedish policy design according to Reinfeldt. This comes after the government has been battered in the parliament, ganged up by the Red-Green coalition.

So far the government has had some twenty defeats in the parliament when the Red-Green parties plus the Sweden Democrats voted against the joint alliance parties proposals. As late as last Friday, an extraordinary summoned was called in parliament to demand changes in the government's health insurance reform.

But the big test waits the government this fall. The opposition has found a gap in the budget law that makes it possible to stop what is being determined as the core of the government's economic policy: the fifth earned income tax credit. Budgetary rules prevent the opposition from stopping the proposal and the budget is expected to be presented that way, but there is an opportunity to remove the earned income tax credit after the all.


The Prime Minister spent the season's final debate between party leaders to warn them of the consequences of circumventing the fiscal framework. Now he has gone further to accuses Hakan Juholt of betraying Mona Sahlin promised before the election: that in no way shall they give the Sweden Democrats influence.

Now the Prime minister says that the social democrats are working with Jimmie �kesson, leader of the far right Sweden Democrats contrary to previous pledges not to do so. It is not even close to what Mona Sahlin promised Swedish people, according to the Prime Minister.

The opposition is not happy that the government is making efforts push the right policies in through the parliament.

“We've shown that we have made agreements on Afghanistan, Libya, and asylum and migration policy. We should note that Hakan Juholt and Jimmie �kesson are voting not to stop the proposal we put, but to try to repeal past reformed we did last term. Then it's a bit difficult to argue that we have not negotiated or tried to agree and grant concessions. This is driven by other ambitions, and it’s driven up by Jimmie �kesson and Hakan Juholt.

However, at the start of the parliamentary period, Sweden Democrats voted with the government to push through policies which the opposition did not like. But during the later parts of the parliamentary season, the far rights changed their views on many government polices and given their balance of power position, they start voting against government polices.

This hurts the government very badly and the Prime minister has had to come up hard to show the Swedish public that the Social democrats who are the biggest opposition party have now jumped into bed with their enemy, the Swedish far right party, Sweden Democrats.
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