Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt feels that Sweden will soon hit 3 percent unemployment


Tuesday, 10 May 2011
The Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is confident that his economic and job policy will be able to raise the amount of jobs that he had planned.
Speaking at the labour Union, TCO's conference on Tuesday he said that there is a great development in the Swedish labour market right now and a development of 300,000 new jobs would have been created by 2015.

Mr. Reinfeldt is also banking on the view that everything remains equal and that “we are not faced with new problems, "he said. He also points that the open unemployment is being planned to be compressed to around 3 percent.


The Prime Minister noted that education is an essential basis for more people to get jobs, but there are problems with the structure in which every third of 20-year-old have not been well trained.

He said that the bulk of the job growth will come from the service sector. Already now, his sector is already making up to about 80 percent of the Swedish labour market, and it is also expected to continue growing.

The Prime Minister said that his government is carrying out some of the strongest education and school reforms to have been observed in Sweden since 1842.

There is a very great shift occurring in education pushed by technological dexterity which is fast changing the way the Swedish production system works. Sweden is a country that is quickly affected by technological changes and this calls for increased training and reviewing of skills every very short time.

For this reason, Fredrik Reinfeldt said that labour market training is a very blunt instrument, which sometimes gives positive and sometimes negative effects. He also said that the job search activity among young people must increase.

Fredrik Reinfeldt said that the Government is preparing very broad tax relief efforts in the budget this fall if the economy permits, which he thinks it does.
He also noted that the Conservatives have the strongest voter support among TCO members.
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