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Swedish Premiere, Fredrik Reinfeldt optimistic for a Euro pact

Saturday, 17 December 2011
Swedish Premiere, Fredrik Reinfeldt is optimistic about Sweden's ability to affect the agreement on the EU's new fiscal pact so that the regulations only become mandatory for the euro currency countries.

“My starting point is to have a say in designing cooperation, but also to distinguish between countries with the euro, which will take on legal obligations and change in their legislation and the outsiders who do not have to,” He told radio Sweden.

Fredrik Reinfeldt said that he was in contact with Britain, the Czech Republic and Hungary as well as Poland to report on the Swedish point of not accepting any mandatory rules until the day they adopt the euro as their currency.


He adds that the decision on the Intergovernmental Agreement on the final design of the fiscal pact in March is okay. If the Euro area countries want to force Sweden to agree on it now it will be difficult.

“I think out of respect for the Swedish people whom in 2003 said we should not have the euro as their currency, we should not go in with them (euro countries) here to take part of what of course is aimed at stabilizing the euro,” says Fredrik Reinfeldt to radio Sweden.

The Swedish opposition parties – the Greens, Social Democrats and the far right Sweden Democrats are against Sweden signing any pact designed for the Euro countries. There is a general agreement and consensus across the Swedish political spectrum to support the euro in a way through the IMF but there is split between the government parties on one side and the opposition on the other side. The Swedish PM must try to make a decision that will be agreed on both sides. But tat is still an uphill task.
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